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Domestic Pest Control

There are many pests that invade the exterior and interior of our homes. Domestic pest control solutions must be effective and safe for use in and around the home, and where children and pets play. Understandably, you want a quick solution, but we go one step further: we look at why the problem occurred to offer preventive solutions.


Commercial Pest Control

We work with a range of local businesses offering discreet, professional, effective commercial pest control. From food outlets and food storage businesses to local authority properties, private and commercial landlords, to local retailers, we have the right pest control package at the right price. We can provide one-off pest control solutions or service long-term contracts to manage and maintain your commercial property.


Rats, Mice & Rodents

Of all the pests we deal with, rats and mice must be two of the most common and the most feared. Other rodents, such as squirrels, can also cause a nuisance to homes and businesses. We CAN deal with rats and mice and, as specialists in rodent proofing and control, we offer long terms solutions too.


Wasps & Bees

With a sting in the tail, you want wasps and bees removed NOW! We exterminate the wasp nest and then remove it. The importance of bumble bees and honey bees to the environment is well-known which is why we collect and re-home them. Rest assured, you will be wasp or bee-free with our prompt service.


Bird & Pigeon Control & Proofing

Seagulls are not just a problem in coastal areas and large flocks of pigeons can cause damage to buildings as they roost. Starlings, jackdaws, crows and other birds cause similar problems. We provide bird control and proofing services that humanely prevent birds nesting and roosting on properties, including on solar panels. We also provide additional cleaning services.


Flea Control & Treatments

The common cat flea can invade any home, whether there is a pet present or not. Difficult to spot, by the time you see an adult flea leap, your home could be under siege from these pesky critters in your soft furnishings. We offer a prompt, no-nonsense flea treatment service.


Bed Bug Control & Treatments

Bed bugs are making a comeback as a result of their increasing immunity to some chemical treatments. Our ability to travel means the bedbug has ample opportunity to latch onto clothing and bags to travel home with us. There are effective solutions, along with deep cleaning from our team.


Woodworm Treatments

Not a worm but a beetle, the woodworm adults lays her eggs in slightly damp wood. The emerging young make the tell-tale pinprick holes in the wood as they eat their way out into the world. Damaging furniture is one thing but damaging structural wooden elements, such as roof trusses, is dangerous. Contact the team for more information.


Mole Control – Molecatcher

Moles may look cute as cartoon characters but a lot of moles competing for space in a small area such as a bank or field leads to the ground becoming unstable. Controlling the mole population is essential land management practice. With our mole catching skills and expertise, you can be confident control is carried out humanely.


Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel may have two sets of young each year, with the first kits arriving late autumn. Finding a safe location for the nest is essential. The roof spaces and attics of buildings make a great choice for the squirrel but not for you! Grey squirrels require careful handling. Do NOT handle them yourself: call us.


Fox Control

There are limited means as to how foxes can be controlled and can only be carried out by a professional pest controller or vet. The best solutions are often for us to make changes on and near our property to discourage them from being a nuisance. The team will show you how!


Rabbit Control

Landowners have a duty to control the rabbit population on their land. Their burrowing can lead to unstable land, their gnawing damages trees and their ferocious breeding habits means that one rabbit family soon multiplies to many, many more. Rabbit control and proofing is a long-term process, with consistent effort to maintain the population.


Moth Control

Moths fly in through open windows, find natural fibres on which to lay eggs and fly away again, in most cases. The emerging larvae of the carpet moth causes damage to your carpets and rugs, whilst the clothes moth will leave you weeping when you discover the damage to stored clothes. You need help to make sure no more larvae and young remain – and we have the solutions.


Silverfish Control

A small wingless insect, the silverfish hangs out in cool, damp places such as the basement or under your bathroom sink. They may not be harmful or spread disease but an influx of silverfish, a rather ugly looking critter, is not welcome. Thankfully, they are simple to deal with, IF you know how. And we do: call us.

carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle & Beetle Control (Plaster Beetles)

Carpet beetles often leave damage similar to carpet moths, but the treatment required is different which is why a positive identification is essential. They can be remedied, as can plaster beetles, a small insect that loves damp plaster. With our solutions and know-how, you will understand how to prevent a beetle problem happening again.


Fly Control

There are many species of fly from the house fly to the blue bottle, tiny fruit flies that gorge on rotting fruit and the cluster fly, to name but a few. They do spread disease thus dealing with a fly problem is essential. But it means finding and eradicating the source of the problem. Would you know where to look? We do…


Maggot Control

A maggot is the legless larvae laid by a fly and can be found in areas where there is ‘decaying organic matter’. And that means there is a bigger problem that MUST be dealt with. Call us today!


Spider Control

We are taught spiders in the home are good because they eat flies and other insects. But when the numbers seem to be growing, it becomes an uncomfortable and distressing nuisance. Our team will assess the problem and deal with the issue at the source.


Cockroach Control

If you find one cockroach, there will be others. Dealing with a cockroach problem sooner rather than later is key to successful eradication – and easier on the budget too. There are only a few species of cockroach in the UK, but all need a different approach to rid your home or business of this disease-spreading insect.


Insects & Bugs

Insects and bugs can be dangerous to human health at worst, unpleasant at best. Some insects and bugs, such as fleas, can be a nuisance all year round but the majority tend to invade the home in the warmer months of the year. We can deal with all common insects and bugs but also have the ability to identify rare pests too – and deal with them effectively as a result.


Ant Control

Ants may not be harmful – ants in the garden can be good for the soil – but you don’t want an ant colony in or too close to your property. Colonies can be much bigger then you think. For effective eradication and blocking of access to the nest, call our team today.

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