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Effective pest control solutions in Llanelli and surrounding areas

Perched on the South Wales coast, Llanelli is not only a beautiful place to live but an attractive spot for visitors year-round.

But no matter where you live, what style or age of property you live in, pests can strike. The same is true for the many businesses in and around Llanelli. No matter how clean or tidy your property is, a pest finds it an attractive place to live too.

Some pests are potentially dangerous, such as the stinging wasp or bee. Some carry disease and spread it too such as the pesky cockroach, rat or mouse. Others are not dangerous but a nuisance such as the nocturnal fox in your bins at night, the ants in your larder or the silverfish in your bathroom or basement.

But EVERY pest must be dealt with, whether they are ‘dangerous’ or not. Pests cause damage and thus, you need a professional pest control company that offers;

  • A quick, reliable response to your call – whether you are a local business or a domestic customer, discovering a pest is distressing. Deal with it quickly by leaving shop-bought remedies on the shelf and calling the team at South Wales Pest Experts.
  • A safe, humane solution – we offer the latest in pest control innovations, method, techniques and chemical solutions to that the pest is controlled and despatched quickly, without risk of harm to people, children pets and non-target wildlife or species.
  • Competitive pricing – whether it is an ant nest, a swarm of bees, a wasp nest, a family of mice or an ongoing issue with pigeons, seagulls, starlings or other birds, we offer a fantastic competitive price to eradicate and/or control the pest. Better still, every quote is given without obligation and with a no-quibble pest-free guarantee.
  • A local service – being local to Llanelli brings many advantages from understanding how the local coastal, rural and built environment impacts on pests, to how the weather plays a part to the fact that we are a professional pest control company known for responding quickly.

To find out more about what we do or to request our help, call the team at South Wales Pest Experts today on 01554 700 866.

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